Established in 2003, Nolan McLeo Events has performed for over thousands of people in the greater Los Angeles, Las Vegas area and around the world. Over the Years we have entertained many events. These include  Weddings, Sweet 16's, Quinces, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Award Dinners and a large variety of corporate functions.

We stand on the cutting edge of entertainment technology.  All DJs and MCs can be found at the newest clubs listening to the latest sounds and observing the latest dances. We also attend "state-of-the-art" expos to view the latest technology in sound and lighting. You can see how we have harnessed the power of the information super-highway.  Nolan McLeo Events is committed to being one step in front of the competition.

Party Coordinators

We have very talented full-time  party coordinators that plan your party. They will meet with you and your MC to go over all the details of your party. They are also available to personally be at your event to make sure it runs flawlessly and to your full satisfaction.

Nolan McLeo Events has been around for over 10 years and plans to be around for years to come. We can boldly make this statement because we really believe in our staff and are constantly reminded of the value we offer from the many loyal and steady clients (friends) we have attracted over the years. Our major partner is Wayne Foster Entertainment and together we are making events at the highest possible level, from 2 to 20 000 guests. Here are a few examples:

Company History

From the beginning, its all boiled down to this: If you are a professional entertainer in the bustling Los Angeles and Las Vegas area, you will run into many DJs and MCs. Nolan McLeo and Christopher Hughes, The Nolan McLeo Events founders and faithful leaders, long ago decided to build their business by attracting "their" type of professional.

That is a person who is very, very good at what they do, really loves their work and takes great pride in doing it right. That's a good start, but it's not enough. Nolan and Chris, had to make sure that the staff who carried “Nolan McLeo Events” name would be honest, thoughtful, mature, always courteous and totally dependable. That type of professional, sadly, does not come along every day.

Because Nolan and Chris realized how important it is to earn the loyalty of such qualified people, and because their own years of work taught them that it's just good business sense to keep loyal staff happy and satisfied, they enjoy the closest harmony with their DJs, Dancers, MCs and Party Coordinators. Around here, the line between business and friendship that was drawn in the sand long ago, has been buried and lost from view. That's why we are the family of Nolan McLeo Events and the right choice for you.

We are the company that cares, that appreciates what your special occasion means to you and to the true friends and loving family who will be there for you on that day. We want to be the company you will keep and always come back to.

Our Mission

At The Nolan McLeo Events, we live by one simple rule. We are here to  accommodate your needs, tastes and desires in every way possible. Everything else simply falls under that rule. Our foremost aim and pleasure is to provide the perfect mix of music for your special mix of guests. We take into account all the generations who will be celebrating with you, and their special cultural backgrounds and dance traditions.

Our party coordinators will work personally with you to select your music, go over request (and un-request) lists with your DJ, and plan precisely how you would like all ceremonies and presentations to be conducted. They are also available to be there at your event to make sure all goes as planned. Our MCs are perfectly  comfortable on the microphone and always project that special feeling of warmth and family closeness that lets everyone know they're there for you.

At Nolan McLeo Events, you will always  get the DJ/MC you are expecting. We can also furnish bilingual MCs. We play as much (or as little) of the appropriate music as you like - whether its Spanish, Italian, Irish, Indian or West Indian. It is also important that we provide you with the precious peace of mind that will make your event a lasting and joyous memory. That means arriving at your location and being completely set up  one full hour before your event begins, suitably attired in a Tuxedo and raring to go. You'll never find yourself with the anxious feeling of waiting and wondering where your DJ is forty, twenty or ten minutes before he is supposed to be ready.

7 Reasons to choose us


For almost 15 Years, we have helped hundreds of clients create unforgettable, successful and fun celebrations. We have many references, and over 95% of our business comes from referrals.


And that's important! Your occasion receives the 100% attention that it deserves, and we are extremely accessible by phone and email. The benefits are unmatched. Everything from the preparation to the performance is first class. Also, the care and quality of the equipment is top notch.


From our initial meeting to the formalization of the timeline, we take care of every party detail, so you are free to enjoy every moment of your special day. We work with you and your other vendors to create a seamless timeline to assure your event runs smoothly and stress-free. Consider us your Entertainment Director.


We specialize in creating highly personalized and unique wedding receptions that reflect your style. We listen to your requests, and share some of our original ideas to make your reception unforgettable. These special touches are only available with Nolan McLeo Events.


Not only do we have the most up-to-date music collection on the planet, but if you want to learn the latest dance craze or create some new ones, we can do that too! We are also in constant contact with your photographer and videographer so they don't miss a single photo opportunity.


One of the greatest benefits of working with a full-time professional is the unlimited support during your planning. During the week, we are available to answer any questions you may have or to help you with any aspect of your planning where you need advice.


As a full-time professional entertainment company, we take great care and pride in our sound and lighting systems. We use the highest quality sound, lighting and microphone systems with backup gear built in. We are fully insured entertainers, and a member of the American Disc Jockey Association.


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