Nolan McLeon Events. Amazing

Nolan McLeon Events. Astounding

Nolan McLeon Events. Awesome

Nolan McLeon Events. Astonishing

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A few words from a founder

Hi, my name is Nolan McLeon – Dj, MC, Singer and Founder of Nolan McLeon Events. I cannot imagine my life without music. At the age of 5, while performing at all family and local events, I was dreaming not only about popularity, but also about constantly moving forward and never stopping with my own achievements. All my love and devotion to the people I pass through the music, no matter where I perform and what type of event I’ve been through. The idea of creating Nolan McLeon Events came to me a few years ago, and since then in addition to the huge pleasure from my work on a completely different kind of events ranging from weddings, corporate celebrations etc ..... I am also participating in various musical projects, that gives me an enormous experience and knowledge that I use to make your celebration just fantastic

A little about music. People say that I am an extraordinary person in all the manners. I live with music all my conscious life. Music is my loving girlfriend. My music addiction is like a magic, it is something inexplicable and intangible. I pretty know how to make a musical cocktail in any of the moments of your celebration. Be it simply a lounge or a blazing dancing DJ set with the newest and chic dancing hits. The most important thing is that music lives with me 24 hours per day.

Philosophy. Me and my team of absolutely various performers, photographers and videographers love doing the things that bring incredible pleasure and leave only the best memories from your celebration. We are a close-knit team of faithful artists who are getting better and better, stronger and stronger not every so often but every day in order to make your biggest day and amazing night purely unforgettable. We do not call our customers by term "clients" because after meeting and dealing with us we all become fully persuaded friends! We are truly happy to share our creative work with you. Thank you for being with us!

We are truly happy to share our creative work with you.

DJ/MC, Lightning & Production Services in Soutnern California and Las Vegas

See you on the dancefloor!

How are we interacting

1. Connection

 mcdjWe will contact you by phone, mail, Facebook or you can just leave a request on our website and we will call you back shortly.

2. Hit the Spot

vendorWe will come to an agreement to meet at a convenient time and at a comfortable place for everyone.

3. Meeting

 contractWe will meet up, get acquainted, discuss your needs and preferences in music, and offer various options for filling your event. Also, if you would like, we can discuss recommendations of various vendors.

4. Agreement

cleanTerms and Conditions. We will compile a written agreement of the details that have been discussed.


 meetingYou will need to leave us a prepayment no less than 30% and we will have decided on a specific date

6. Working in depth

soundtrackNext, we (Nolan McLeon Events and you) are preparing for the upcoming event. We will provide detailed instructions and playlists, which we will have discussed at the meeting.


 standardWe will keep in touch by telephone, social networks, Skype, and if necessary - hold another meeting to come to an agreement on specific details or issues that may come up.

8. Keep Rocking

tuxxLastly, we will meet on the dance floor with an explosion of energy to make this day the most memorable and unforgettable day of your life. Since that time, we are one big family. Congratulations !!!